Thursday, September 7, 2017

New Google Feature – Semantic Search Drill Down?

Today I was exploring some keyword ideas related to Halloween costumes. In past years, this had been an interesting but competitive niche to go after if you were an affiliate marketer or provided marketing services to retailers.

Halloween searches explode starting in September and into October, for obvious reasons. In the past, most people search "halloween costumes," "adult halloween costumes," "halloween costumes for women", etc. in order to find something specific. This would result in a typical SERP display with Google shopping ads, regular ads, a map pack if there happens to be a local retailer, and organic results.

This year however I noticed an interesting feature, which I am nicknaming "semantic drill down" - where you can start with a high level query such as "halloween costumes" and Google will actually suggest categorized searches. 

For example, let's search "halloween costumes."

If you scroll to the bottom, Google will actually show you a few buttons that you can click to help refine your search, in a sort of categorical manner. Here is the first - "refine by age group:"

refine Google search by age group


If you click one of these, say "Adult," this process continues. Funny, they completely whiffed on generating a men's picture in this example!

refine Google search by gender


Once you select a gender, such as "Women's," it actually keeps going!


refine Google query by theme


I selected "Superhero" but it did not suggest any further categories from there.

This is very interesting to see, and it also appears in mobile search. Could this be a product of Rank Brain? Is this a new developing "semantic web" advancement that might appear more and more as time goes on for a number of different topics in which the original query could be made more specific via a common suggested search? Only time will tell...

Contact me if you have some interest in local search optimization for Halloween.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Google Shows “Suggested Clip” Feature in Search Results

When using a "how-to" type query, Google showed me not just a YouTube video result, but a suggested clip from the video highlighting the exact time they want you to watch.

Google suggested clip YouTube Result

This is incredibly cool and weird at the same time.

Is it possible they know that most people that watch the particular video seem to watch or spend the most time on that particular segment?

Have many people linked to or embedded this particular video using the "start at" option thus adding a timestamp parameter to the url?

The display url in the SERPs does not seem to have the start time query parameter to the end of the url, so I wonder how exactly Google is serving this result.

I have been unable to recreate this in many cases using the exact same search.

Anyone know? Let me know below.

Post Source Here: Google Shows “Suggested Clip” Feature in Search Results

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