Friday, November 18, 2016

New Rich Cards for NewsArticle, LocalBusiness?

All of that Schema Might Pay Off...

Google appears to be showing Rich Cards now for sites using markup for NewsArticle.

I simply typed "dentist" into the search bar and was provided with the following examples, all with NewsArticle Markup (some which are even returning errors):


I've yet to find a live example, but the Structured Data Testing Tool also shows a "Preview" window to see what your LocalBusiness markup would look like as a Rich Card:



This preview window is similar to the recently released "Recipe" markup that Google began to experiment with in the past few months.

Also, there appear to be additional "Warnings" with recommended fields that were not previously there:


It looks like Google might begin to show an estimated price range for services rendered, as well as a phone number to call directly from the SERPs. Only time will tell.

The examples above were taken from markup I recently implemented on some client sites. Interestingly enough, I have listed "contactPoint" with telephone information within this schema declaration, however Google seems to ignore it in favor of a telephone declaration that stands alone.

Anyone find any live examples of Google LocalBusiness Rich Cards? List them below!

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